Rachael Ray Show: Feast on Food Stamps

“Three years ago I had an idea; a dream. I realized that many of the people who really need my budget tips might not have a TV or access to buying my books. I wanted to connect with struggling families and help them get food on their table on their budget, not mine. (Because even ten dollars for dinner is too much frankly for many people). I wanted to go shopping with a family, and help them see the supermarket the way I do, and help build their toolkit to shop weekly on a budget. This dream floated in my head, until one day, I pitched the idea to one of the producers at Teh Rachael Ray Show. Within a couple of weeks, I found myself face to face with Grace, standing outside her hometown supermarket, ready to tackle her shopping and menu for her family for the week. Truly, it was a privilege and an honor to be trusted with her family’s food shopping for the whole week. And wow. Wait until you see the story. Thank you Rachael Ray for making it happen.” — Melissa

Click here to watch the 3-part video segment: learn more about Grace’s story, see our trip to the supermarket (we came in under budget!), and watch us cook up a dinner with Rachael back at the studio. Plus, get 8 of my tips on feeding your family on a budget here

And here’s the simple dinner recipe I made with Grace using items we bought at the store that week: Easy Braised Beef with Carrots and Potatoes — get the recipe and video here (or watch below!).