EverydayHealth.com: 3 Healthy and Affordable Holiday Dishes

“Holiday season means much merriment as friends and families gather together around the dinner table. Most of us will eat more than usual, so how can we keep our healthy eating goals in check? Enter: a small repertoire of healthy holiday recipes! Load up the dinner table with tasty dishes that are also good for you, so that when you reach for a seconds, you’ll be getting a second helping of nutrients, not just empty calories. Since we are not only eating more, but often feeding more people during the holidays, keeping the costs down can be tricky too.”

Melissa then shares three of her favorite inexpensive, holiday dishes you can feel great about serving: Orange-Carrot Soup, Roasted Tomato Eggplant Tian, Roasted Radishes and Carrots. Click “View Link” to see the full blog post on EverydayHealth.com with three recipes and lots of great tips from Melissa.