Huffington Post Weddings: Our 10-Year Anniversary Vow Renewal (Story & Photos)

In this exclusive feature on Huffington Post Weddings, Melissa offers an inside look at her 10-year anniversary vow renewal with her husband, Philippe. Surrounded by their four daughters, Melissa shares details of how they made the event an extra special day-to-remember — without spending a fortune. Photos of the ceremony, family, festivities, and food (of course!) are included in the special slideshow with personal captions written by Melissa.

Here’s an except from the story:

“Any time you are hosting a hundred people, though, there are details to manage. The Sunday before the vow renewal, however, I had an epiphany — the last days leading up to the event can easily be hijacked by logistics and surface stuff (Will my hair look good? Are those new wrinkles around my eyes?). But the primary purpose for us needed to stay in our family coming together and adding a new layer of meaning to the vows we made (rather naively I must say in hindsight) ten years ago.”