Tip Tuesday: Turkey Still Lurking?

Officially tired of Thanksgiving leftovers? Cringing at the sight of cranberry sauce? Well, the reality is you likely still have some turkey lurking in fridge (although I do hope you froze some of it right away to have fresh leftovers in a month or two…). So, don’t let anything go to waste, especially if you’re looking to save a little after buying some early holiday gifts this weekend. I wanted to share are a few fun and simple recipes you can try today. Shown here – in a September 2012 feature I did for People Magazine – as toast toppers (which are great as an after-school snack or as tonight’s appetizer), just sub the turkey meat for the chicken in the recipes. With ideas inspired by three distinct flavor profile options – Italian, Mexican and BBQ – your palate will be dazzled into thinking you’ve cooked something brand new, instead of repurposing leftovers. You can also serve any of these mini-recipes sandwich style or over a bed of leafy greens – great for work and school lunches. And, as for the cranberry sauce, fold it into some muffin batter, or make a salsa – check out my other ideas for leftovers here.


Enjoy, and as always – share your thoughts, pictures (and other turkey leftover ideas!) on Facebook and Twitter (@MelissadArabian).