Tip Tuesday: Kid-Friendly Fun

After a whirlwind couple of weeks on book tour, I’m home and right back into the swing of things. As so many of us do now, I scanned through the photos on my phone to get a quick photo recap of all the excitement.

But just like many moms, I love to capture silly and fun moments with the kids too!  So I wanted to share a few photos of the girls and some quick tips for things we enjoy at home.



Use the last tablespoon of plain yogurt to soften skin for a DIY mask. Cucumbers on the eyes, and you’re all set for an at-home spa treatment!






Took a little leftover pizza dough from when we made grilled pizzas (there’s a fun recipe for grilled pizza in my cookbook) and made a grilled chocolate peanut butter banana pizza. Dessert on the grill…love.





Give kids a bunch of cut raw veggies and let them make a platter. They’ll get more excited about eating them! Bonus: Let them help you pick out the vegetables at the market. Serve with a ranch dipping sauce as a tasty but healthy treat.





Love making smoothies for the whole family, and the girls are great helpers too (we just made Green Morning Smoothies on an episode of “Ten Dollar Dinners” and they are also in my book!). Load up on healthy goodies for kids by mixing and matching ingredients for a variety of flavors. These were a big hit with the girls: Greek yogurt, berries, banana, flax seed, and whole oats.