Mastering the Basics of Braising + 6 Recipes to Try

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Mastering the Basics of Braising + 6 Recipes to Try (click the title to read the blog!)

As the temperatures begin to dip and winter slowly creeps in, what could be better than a warm and comforting dinner featuring succulent braised meat?

“Meat is muscle, which means much of it is actually naturally going to be tough. Some of the most-flavorful meat comes from the more developed muscles. Braise that meat and you’ll coax out naturally rich flavors. And tougher meats are usually less expensive, so by spending a little bit of time cooking the meat, you’ll be able to save money while eating very well and filling your house with the heady aromas of stews and tender braised roasts. Braised dishes are fantastic company food for these reasons too.”

So, to ensure braising success, here’s my quick primer on the fantastic wintertime technique in just six simple steps. Plus, a half dozen of my favorite braised recipes – from Country-Style Pork Ribs to Pot Roast Carbonnade – for you to try. Now get out your Dutch ovens and start braising!

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