An Ode to Mashed Potatoes

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An Ode to Mashed Potatoes (click the title to read the blog!)

As the rest of the internet debates over how to make the juiciest turkey or the tastiest stuffing, I want to pay tribute to the one item on your Thanksgiving plate that should never be overlooked: mashed potatoes.

“Mashed potatoes are the perfect comfort food. Eaten alone, they are rich, creamy and earthy. And paired with roasted meats or stews, they become the supporting player, letting the meat shine. At Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes share their space on the plate with an interloping carb, stuffing. And still, the meal seems somehow to make sense. All this, and they are cheap, too!”

As you prepare your Thanksgiving this year (or any day you crave mashed potatoes), here are my top 6 tips to ensure fantastic mashed potatoes every time plus some of my favorite mashed potato recipes including Classic, Buttermilk, Twice Baked, and Yam Marbled.

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